Edson Phipps’s Journey


Edson is well known in the Salsa community and at “On the Rocks” as being skillful in a variety of Latin dances. His repertoire includes Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and especially his lovely cha cha. Originally from Trinidad, Edson has lived in Edmonton for 10 years. Edson told me he had a big advantage being from the Caribbean where, “dancing is a part of our culture”. As a result, he said “following rhythms comes easy for me”. He specifically decided to learn Salsa when a friend took him to a Salsa evening in Trinidad. That night he met Glen Wilkinson, a Trinidadian Canadian active in our Salsa scene. When Edson moved to Edmonton, much to his surprise he bumped into Glen and so decided to take some private dance lessons from him. He also took lessons at Salsaddiction, Latin Corner and Fiesta Cubana.

Edson says he loves Salsa because of the romantic, sensual, and free style dance moves. Despite being a natural with his responses to music, like most males, he says he has had challenges on the dance floor including remembering the numerous moves he learned. To overcome this challenge, he discovered a simple remedy. He said he would think, “The way to improve oneself is to practice, practice and do more practice!”.  And his persistence has paid off. He’s found Salsa has enriched his life in many ways, especially through the development of some great friendships. Edson’s advice to new salsa students or those having moments of uncertainty is to take every opportunity you can to go dancing. “It is how to develop confidence,” he added, “and don’t be afraid to ask others to dance with you. It’s a good way to learn and grow”.

In his daily life Edson works as a contractor and is an accomplished builder and renovator of houses. He has created beautiful homes, then sold them and created more. Few people are aware that this great dancer is also a mean piano player. He especially loves playing Rhythm & Blues and Gospel tunes. So, look out for this highly musical guy at On the Rocks on Thursdays. You’ll love every second of any dance with Edson.


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I work as a Mental Health Therapist so it was natural that I became fascinated when seeing therapeutic benefits emerge for people learning to dance Salsa. A few years ago Usukuma had the idea of featuring the experience of individual salsa dancers. These ideas joined and the series "Journeys of Salsa-Addicts" was born. See this blog from me at Salsaddiction.com and send in feedback anytime. Una bulla!

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