Wowza, A New Website – Part IV

Hi, I’m Sean, the web guy around these parts and this is the last in a series on the new website design here at Salsaddiction.  (Get to part one, two and three).  In this entry we will be covering the blog, unsubscribe and a few other pages.

Starting with the blog:


  • Gravatar Profiles for commentors and us bloggers
  • The blog page has “infinite scrolling” which means you never have to reload the page to continue reading, just scroll to the bottom and it will load another set of blogs posts.
  • A lot of work has also gone into the comments section including Gravatar profile icons, timed re-editing and email notifications.  In fact, why don’t click on this post, and try them out for your self at the bottom?


Another feature is the custom unsubscribe page (make sure to refresh it!) which we hope is not a page you ever use.  When you press “unsubscribe” a lot of things kick off, first, it uses Ajax to keep your browser from refreshing and sends a command to the server to unsubscribe.  That server then talks to our Mailman newsletter server and either unsubscribes you or sends back an error, which is then passed back to the page and displayed.  Try it with a fake email and see what you get back!  If you accidentally unsubscribe your self, just use the subscribe feature on the drop down!

This website has also been tested on a variety of browsers and devices, for example:


  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer (v8 and v9)
  • Chrome
  • iPhone and iPad (ongoing improvement)

Hope you enjoy your stay,


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About Sean Donovan

I am a web developer, underwater hockey player, salsa dancer and sometimes writer. According to my girlfriend, I have a few too many hobbies, but love them all.

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