A Soundtrack for the New Year

Latin Tracks for January 2015

Song (iTunes)




Bagatelle No. 25 In a Minor, WoO 59 “Für Elise” – Salsa It, Vol. 11 (Compilation) Marco Puma Salsa Italy
Rumba Caliente – Salsa It, Vol. 11 (Compilation) Latin Sound Machine Salsa Italy
Bebo (El Timba Remix) – Salsa It, Vol. 11 (Compilation) Fabio Gianni Timba Italy
Siento Que Me Muero (feat. Gamilon) – Salsa It, Vol. 11 (Compilation) José Lopez Bachata Dominican Rep.
Kizomba of the Future – Salsa It, Vol. 11 (Compilation) Kiki Aguero Kizomba Cuba
Fuimos Amigos – Y la Salsa Mayor La Salsa Mayor Salsa Venezuela
Hipo De Conejo – QueMas 8 y Más Salsa USA
Todo Te Lo Doy – Klimaxeando – EP Klimax y Giraldo Piloto Timba Cuba
Hoy Renuncio a Tu Amor – Hoy Renuncio a Tu Amor – Single Kla-v2 Bachata  USA
Nao Me Tarraxa (Pinamusic Kizomba Remix) – Zouk summer 2013 (Sushiraw) Vanda May Kizomba São Tomé and Príncipe


Salsa IT Volume 11 – A New Beginning

Salsa It, Vol. 11

Spanish based Latin music is very popular in Europe, a fact which is especially true in Italy of all places.  This would explain why the Italian record label Alosibla Music has been so successful with its series of Latin music complications called Salsa IT.  The series got started back in 2004 with the released of Salsa IT Volume 1, a compilation that for the first time gave international exposure to the Latin dance music being made by a number of musicians based in Italy.

A decade has passed since the release of that first compilation and for the 11th edition the Alosibla team has put together a new album that at once breaths new energy into the series with a new cover design, new artists and the addition of kizomba music while at the same time staying true to the idea behind Salsa IT: to bring great Latin dance music to fans both in Italy and around the world.  Salsa IT Vol 11 ‘A New Beginning’ is an album that was made for Latin dancers and has something for almost everyone.  The album is definitely biased towards salsa, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise begin that salsa is one of the most popular social dances the world over.  Almost half the album’s tracks are dedicated to this genera but thankfully each of these are as unique from each other as you could hope for while still being very dancable.  Two great examples of this are the ‘salsafied’ version of Beethoven’s Für Elise by Marco Puma and the organ heavy and super funky track Rumba Caliente by Latin Sound Machine.  For the casino dancer there are a few timba tracks including Ireme by Timba Calle, a Cuban group from Palermo, Italy.  Bachateros also have something to look forward to (actually a few things to look foward to).  There are 5 bachata tracks in total with Siento Que Me Muero being one of my favourites.  The addition of the accordion on this track definitely gives it a bit of an Argentinean feel.  The album liner notes describe Siento Que Me Muero as a ‘bachatango’ though I would say it is more suited for the bachata dancer than the tango dancer.

A genre very popular in Europe these days and one that is building in popularity here in North America is kizomba and Salsa IT Vol. 11 has a few tracks for the kizomba dancer as well.  They may not be as strong as the music coming out of Portugal, Cape Verde or Angola.  None the less,  the 3 Kizomba tracks on the album are still very dancable.  I can definitely see the electronic mash-up Kizomba of the Future being a great track to warm up the dance floor at any kizomba party.  And if all that is not enough, the album finishes off with a couple merengue electronicos for all the people who love to dance to Latin music but aren’t into the more common partner dances.

After all that what you have is an album packed with 19 songs each one selected with the Latin dancer in mind – a perfect soundtrack for anyone who plans to fill 2015 with lots of great dancing.  Available on iTunesCDBaby and other online retailers.

Questions, comments, requests? Send me an email

– clavecito


Bachata – Live in Edmonton!

Latin Tracks for October

Song (iTunes)




Ya Comenzó – Jukebox Luis Enrique Salsa Nicaragua
La Rutina Del Mujeriego Grupo Arcano Salsa USA
La Música Es Mi Vida – Noche De Salsa Dura Herman Olivera Salsa Puerto Rico
Rumbero de Corazon – Rumbero de Corazon – Single Dorance Lorza, Sexteto Cafe Salsa England
Un Beso y una Flor – Bailar Con Tacones Azúcar Negra Timba Cuba
El Que la Hace la Paga – El Que la Hace la Paga – EP Havana C Timba Cuba
Mi Lluvia De Amor – Mi Lluvia De Amor – Single Ephrem J Bachata Curazao
Contra El Mundo Bachata Heightz Bachata USA
Estranha Remix by LBeatz Mika Mendes feat P. Lowe Kiomba France / USA
O Teu Toque – Kizomba Mix Mona Nicastro Kizomba  Angola


Introducing Son Bachata

Son Bachata was formed only few months ago but don’t let that lead you to believe that these guys are new to the Latin music scene. The 7 talented musicians who make up the band have over 20 years experience playing Latin music both in Edmonton and internationally and it definitely shows in the music they make. Add to this the fact that the they all have Latin American roots and the result is a band that brings an authentic and polished sound to their live performances.

With a name like Son Bachata it goes without saying that this group has a repertoire that features Cuban son and bachata and in fact they are the only Edmonton based Latin band to focus on Bachata. The reason for the name, as bandleader Rene Abaunza explained it, is that son is a very traditional style of music that has influenced a number of Latin genres that are popular today. As such, Son Bachata wanted to communicate the fact that though they specialize in bachata their music is also inspired by other musical traditions including those from Cuba and across Latin America. This is demonstrated in the variety of music that the band is able to perform. On top of the two musical styles after which the band is named, Son Bachata also covers a diverse range of Latin genres including merengue, cumbia and vallenato among others.

Son Bachata’s first gig was in Saskatoon on June 4, 2014 and since then they have performed at various venues and events around Alberta including a number of performances in both Edmonton and Calgary. Over the summer the band was invited to share the stage with a couple of Salsa’s biggest artists, Puerto Rican Power and Victor Manuelle in Calgary. The crowd loved what they heard and it’s not just the covers of popular songs that they enjoy. It’s also Son Bachata’s original material that often has the greatest impact on the audience. This is a band that is not only talented but also ambitious and we are definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing more from them in the future.

Son Bachata is made up of

  • Rene Abaunza
  • Frankie Hidalgo
  • Manuel Vealencia
  • Freddy Ruiz
  • From Cuba
  • Daniel Pena
  • Isaias Lamarou
  • Alex Cruz


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