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Salsaddiction has been teaching salsa and Latin dancing in Edmonton since 1998. Housed in the 2,500 square foot Integration Studio downtown Edmonton, with full length wall mirrors, it is the perfect location for Salsaddiction instructors to transform any level of dancer into a pro. Dance instruction is offered for all level of ability (including those with two left feet) and ages. We believe firmly that everyone can dance and Salsaddiction offers a fun, easy-going environment that will offer you a well-rounded dance experience.


Thousands of people have taken classes with Salsaddiction and make up a huge portion of the Latin Dance Scene in Edmonton. The instructors do

not just focus on the dancing, but also on your overall experience to ensure you are having fun as well. They are all available for after class questions and of course for social dances at Salsaddiction hosted events.


We offer group and private classes for all levels. Dance Entertainment and instruction is also available for private parties and corporate events. Either way, you will definitely be addicted!


Rueda Team


Salsaddiction (SA) is the premier salsa dance school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, promoting Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino and was founded by Dr. Usukuma Ekuere. His teaching is well known as a fast vehicle to learning & dancing salsa plus have enormous fun while doing it. Almost unheard of in Edmonton until the last decade, Edmonton is now seen as a salsa and rueda de casino city! Countless students have taken the many salsa classes. The most recent SA Rueda Team is comprised of students who worked their way up to performing. They have performed at numerous events from weddings to fundraisers to festivals. Salsaddiction’s rueda de casino performances were well received at the Vancouver provincial Cuba Baila Festival 2008, the Alberta Salsapalooza Festival 2008 as well as at the Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco 2009. Salsa dance observers, who have seen Usukuma’s Rueda Team in action, have been heard to say it’s style is original & exciting to watch.


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Chicas solamente

Salsaddiction’s “Chicas Solamente Rueda Team” was formed in 2009, it’s creation inspired from delighting in seeing performances of All Female Rueda Teams at Vancouver & San Francisco’s salsa festivals.

As Alberta’s first all-women’s Rueda Team, “Chicas Solamente” holds dear these goals: providing women salseros chances to learn both the Lead & Follow dance skills, developing freestyle & choreographed routines, performing while representing Salsaddiction at a variety of venues and simply have great fun doing it all. We especially enjoy teaching Rueda figures learned at congresses, in our Salsaddiction classes and some moves that we have developed ourselves. To date, this ladies team has shown their work at Edmonton’s Heritage Days, The Saskatoon Salsa Festival, Cuba Baila in Vancouver, the San Francisco Rueda Festival 2012 and several times on Salsaddiction Thursdays at the “On the Rocks” nightclub. Questions about the group can be directed to Margaret MacDonald or Usukuma at Salsaddiction. Una bulla!


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