Are you still teaching regular classes?


No, at this time there are no regular classes scheduled. We do offer occasional sessions and workshops, please check the Schedule Page or Facebook for details. We are also available for individual or group private lessons.


Can I come without a partner?


Yes. At the start of each class we attempt to match up couples as best as possible and when available, have more advanced students step in to help. We also constantly switch partners to give you a feel for what social dancing is like.


Can I miss a class?


Yes, for women it is not a big deal but men should try to make every class because their learning curve requires more practice.


Can I make up a missed class?


Check with your instructor to see what your options are if you miss a class.



Where is your Rueda de Casino wiki?


Here – – includes videos, translations and pictures of over a 100+ standard Rueda moves.


How long have you been teaching?


Salsaddiction has many instructors and the combined teaching experience is measured in decades. If you would like to sample before buying, please attend our free weekly class at On The Rocks on Thursdays (cover $5).


What should I bring?


For classes/events held at a dance studio, bring a bottle of water and indoor, non-marking shoes.


What should I wear?


We suggest loose, comfortable clothing that allow perspiration. Tight jeans are not suggested because they limit movement. Wear comfortable indoor shoes.


I am having trouble registering on your website, what should I do?


Send us an email and we will register for you. Registering is a good idea because we send out reminders of free practices. Also please update your browser to the latest version.