A Bayamo en Coche

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Abayamo en Coche
Pronunciation Ah-bah-yhamo en Cowh-chey
Translation A Bayamo in car, likely named after a hit song of the same name by "Son 14" (Wikipedia)
Level Advanced
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Starts with setenta complicado, but don't let go of the right hand when pulling the follow behind and put them into a locked elbow on the lead's left on 1,2,3. To get the elbow over the follow's elbow, the lead should keep their arm up, as if they were kissing their bicep. Lead and follow then walk forward on 5,6,7, back on 1,2,3, repeat and on second 5,6,7 lead turns to the right. Then enchufla, sacala with the right hand and pull the follow into a sweet heart move on the right and grab the lead's arm ahead of you. Then walk around the circle for two eight counts. On the second eight count, push the follow outward on 5,6,7 and then pull the follow back on 1,2,3 back into the sweet heart and repeat twice, on the third time, pull the follow back and hook turn under the raised arm to face upstream (to the right). Clap twice on 7,8, and pick up the next follow.


Similar but it differs after the first sacala.

Regional Variations[edit]

This variations seems to be the most prevalent