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Pronunciation Cha-va-rre-ah
Translation New house. Chavarria is a common variation of the ECHABARRIA surname, from the elements echa, meaning "house" and barria, meaning "new."
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes From 0:31 to 0:33 they show the proper twisting motion
Similar Moves


This is called off a cross-body lead and on 1 of the next eight count while still in a right to left hand hold and facing into the circle, the lead with bent legs, plants with their right foot and then points their feet first left, right and then left again. The follow does the opposite, planting their left foot and doing a right, left, right shifting motion. This is similar to Coca Cola which can be called off a cross body.

  • Chavarria Complicado - Starts like chavarria (aka Tres Dos), but after the touch on 5,6,7, the leads spin to the right twice and presents the shoulder or fore-arm for the touch on 5,6,7, then spins back counterclockwise to face the follow. The follow continues to dance in place.