Enchufla Avion

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Enchufla Avion
Pronunciation Ave-e-on
Translation Enchufla plane
Level Intermediate
Link to Video [ Watch]
Video Notes
Similar Moves Enchufla, Enchufla con Dracula, Enchufla con Clave, Enchufla con Mambo, Enchufla Doble, Enchufla el Medio, Enchufla con pa


Starts with an enchufla and the lead holds the right hand of the follow (with their left) and steps forward with the lead's right arm over the follow's right. The lead should be standing with the follow's arm at chest height at the end of the eight count. The lead then ducks under the follow's arm to the right, bringing the follow around. The lead should end up with their right hand over the right shoulder of the follow and lightly on the back of the neck of the follow. The lead, with their left arm, then rotates the follow's right arm up and around clockwise as the follow ducks their head under the right arm of the lead and the lead keeps their right hand on the back of the follow to guide both in half turn. The lead should have their right hand on the back of the follow and as both move continue to move around each other, and the lead pushes the follow toward the next lead. The lead then takes the partner ahead in a cross body lead.