Enchufla con Mambo

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Enchufla con Mambo
Pronunciation En-shoe-fla con Mambo
Translation Plug then Mambo
Level Beginner
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Similar Moves Enchufla, Enchufla con Clave, Enchufla Doble, Enchufla con Dracula, Enchufla Complicado, Enchufla el Medio, Enchufla Avion, Enchufla con pa, Enchufla con Dracula


Enchufla, and the lead stops beside the follow (facing the next upstream follow, as shown in the pictures) and starting with the right foot on the clave beat, does a tap, tap and then tap, tap, tap. The follow meanwhile starts with their left foot and does the same beat. The trick here, for both the lead and follow, is that on the 7th beat of the enchufla, is to swing the respective leg up and hold it, ready for the stamping on 1 and 3 of the next beat.

Figure 1 the lead stops beside the follow and both taps to the clave beat.


Regional Variations[edit]


It is actually called "Enchufla con el mambo"