Estrella Doble

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Estrella Doble
Pronunciation Eh-stray-yah Doh-ble
Translation Two stars
Level Intermediate
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Starts with an enchufla, then the leads walk into the center of the circle heading counter clockwise and put their left hands on the left shoulder of the lead ahead of them. They then walk around the circle for two eight counts and on the 5,6,7 of the second eight count, the leads change direction back to clockwise and put their right hand on the right shoulder of the lead in front. The follows move in the opposite direction and switch direction at the same time, again going the opposite direction. After changing directions, both leads and follows walk in their respective directions for another eight count and on the second eight count they should be close to their original partners. The leads then do a hook turn (to the right) and face their original partner, prepping to the right, in a right to right hand hold. On the next eight count, the lead then turns the follow around clockwise in place and as the follow comes around to face the lead again, the lead does another hook turn but stops when facing upstream away from the follow. The lead should be facing the next follow ahead of them and have, from behind them, the follow's right hand on the lead's right shoulder. On the next eight count, the lead then drops the right hand on the right side of their body and throws it up in a arc over their body, while immediately doing a cross body lead of the next follow upstream.