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Pronunciation Mick-ae-la
Translation (proper name)
Level Advanced
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With the left-to-right hand hold the lead gives the follow an outside turn and as the follow comes around the lead spins right while holding his right arm high, putting themselves into a hammer lock. The lead's right hand grabs the follow's left hand and then pull the follow around behind, back in front and, on the next eight count, spin the follow with both hands so she ends back to the lead's right side. Pull the follow around behind once more, momentarily hook the left elbow over the follow's right elbow and then lead the follow into a hammer lock with the left arm held high. Unravel the hammer lock and with lead's right hand holding follow's left hand fake a head comb, then change holding hand so now lead's left holds follow's left and lead the follow into a sácala into the center of the circle. As the follow goes out and back, the lead turns to the right with their right arm held high and ends up with the follow on their right. The lead drops the right hand behind the back of the follow and does a cross body lead.