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Pronunciation No-ven-ta
Translation Ninety
Level Intermediate
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Start with a Setenta complete with leading the follow in a quarter turn. On the next eight count, the lead then raises the left hand and lowers the right hand, stepping under the left hand and turning to the left on 1,2,3. The lead should then be facing into the circle, in a hammer lock with their right arm behind their back and be able to look at the follow on their left. On the next eight count, the follow is lead in a clockwise turn on 1,2,3 to face into the circle while the lead turns to the right to face out of the circle. At this point on three, the lead should now have both their hands behind their back as does the follow. Now on 5,6,7, the lead, while back-rocking, pulls the follow to the other side (still behind the lead) to end with the follow on the left had side of the lead. The follow's side step with the left foot. On the next count, the lead pulls the follow back and keeps their right arm straight and on three, spins to the left to face the follow. It is important here that the lead keeps the follow's left arm straight, as shown in figure one, when stepping back on their right foot. If all the steps previous were done correctly, the lead should be upstream of the follow and facing the follow with uncrossed arms. The lead then finished with a two handed enchufla and hoook turn.

Figure 1. Arm position to end Noventa