Parte el Brazo Complicado

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Parte el Brazo Complicado
Pronunciation Par-te el Brah-zoh Com-ple-ka-doh
Translation Part of the arm complicated
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes Similar but don't duck under
Similar Moves Parte el brazo


Similar to Parte el brazo - lead the follow in a clockwise turn with the left hand and place the follow in the centre of the circle. Then enchufla and on 5,6,7 put the follow's hand behind her back and the lead switches hand behind the follow's back from left to right. The lead should be standing inside the circle facing out at this point with their right hand holding the right hand of the follow behind the follow's back. Then carefully lead the follow out in a clockwise turn unwinding and end up with the follow on the left and both facing into the circle. Then enchufla and cross body lead back to normal.



It is also called Partele el Brazo Complicado