Prima y Enredala

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Prima y Enredala
Pronunciation Pree-mah ee En-red-dala
Translation literally, cousin of being mixed up
Level Intermediate
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This is a group move - Start with Prima and catch the hand of the follow on the right, back step and pull the follow on the lead's left into a counter clock wise spin, crossing their arms in front of them. While pulling the follow out, the lead steps into the circle, hair combs their own head with their right hand and turns to the left slightly. Then repeat, back step and rotate the follow on your left, then the lead. Once the lead is wrapped, continue to turn until facing inward and back out under the arms, butt first. The lead should be backing out under the arms of the two follows and backing out of the circle. The lead takes the hand of the follow on the right, stamps their right foot on 7. Then lead the follow into a sacala and as they come out of the circle, pull them around back, while the lead steps under their right arm, turning left to face the follow with the same right to left (lead to follow) hand hold. Then Enchufla, with the lead switching hands to a left to left over the follow's head, put the follow's hand on the lead's shoulder and go the next follow on the lead's LEFT! (downstream)