Setenta Nuevo

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Setenta Nuevo
Pronunciation Seh-tent-ah Nweh-vo
Translation Seventy Nine
Level Intermediate
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Similar Moves Setenta Complicado, Setenta y Uno, Setenta Moderno, Setenta, Setenta por Abajo, Siete Setenta


Start like Setenta by putting the follow into a hammer lock on the first eight count. On the next eight count when unravelling the follow, the lead puts their left hand low and right hand high and continues to rotate to the right until the lead is in a hammer lock facing the follow on the right. The lead then pulls on the follows right hand and transfers them behind the lead on 1-2-3. Once the follow is on the left, the lead is now in hammer lock with their right hand behind their back and facing the follow on their left, the lead does a turn to the right, holding their left hand high. The lead should now be facing the follow in an open position. The lead now does a two handed enchufla and hair combs the follow.