Setenta y Tres

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Setenta y Tres
Pronunciation Setenta ee Tres
Translation Seventy Three
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes Our is similar, but the hair comb is done on the follow
Similar Moves Setenta Complicado, Setenta y Uno, Setenta y Dos, Setenta Moderno, Setenta Neuvo, Setenta por Abajo, Setenta


Starts like setenta with the lead ending inside facing outward. On the next eight count, the lead then raises both hands and steps under, turning to the left to face the follow, ending with cross arms. On the next eight count, the follow is then lead in an outside turn (clockwise) ending with a hair-comb over the follow's head on the right hand side, and cross body back to neutral.


Regional Variations[edit]