Siete Setenta

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Siete Setenta
Pronunciation See-eh-teh Seh-tent-ah
Translation Seventy Seven
Level Intermediate
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Similar Moves Setenta Complicado, Setenta y Uno, Setenta Moderno, Setenta Neuvo, Setenta por Abajo, Setenta


Siete Setenta combines two moves, Setenta y Dos and Setenta Complicado. Start like Setenta and put the follow into a hammerlock switching positions by doing a half turn. Then back-break, and pull the follow around until they are facing outward, and hook first the left arm on 5 and then the right arm on 7. On 1,2,3, unhook first left then right, then lead the follow around in a clockwise turn keeping the left hand up, until they facing the opposite direction. As the follow comes around, put the their left arm across the leads back and finish exactly like Setenta Complicado.