Sombrero Doble

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Sombrero Doble
Pronunciation Some-breh-row Dob-bleh
Translation Two hats
Level Intermediate
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Similar Moves Sombrero, Sombrero Con Mambo


Start with a Sombrero, then lead the follow back to the left into a reverse sombrero, and momentarily put the follow's right arm behind the lead's neck but finish by prepping with the follow's hand pointed into the circle. On the next eight count spin the follow clockwise and lead them back to the right with the one hand and put it behind their head. Then do a Dile que no back to Guapea.

Advanced styling[edit]

After prepping with the follow's hand pointed into the circle, both the lead and the follow rotate back to back with the right to right hand hold. The lead should then pull the follow gentle to the right and end facing their partner, putting the same hand behind the head of the follow as before. Cross body as usual.


Regional Variants[edit]