Toma Corriente

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Toma Corriente
Pronunciation Toh-mah Core-ee-en-teh
Translation Take Power
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes The video is close to how we do it, but not quite
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This move requires an even number of couples in the Rueda circle because the leads pair up. Before this call is made, make sure you know who your other lead is by counting in twos, from the caller and the caller's pair to their right. This is important because it means you turn left or right to face your partner, depending on if you are up or downstream of them (counter clockwise being "upstream", the direction the leads "swim"). When called, start with an Enchufla and switch hands (right to the follow's left), then reach with your left hand and grasp the left hand of the other lead. On the next eight count, back break and pull the follows under your joined arms making sure to raise your left hand so the follows do not have to duck. On the next eight count, the leads pull past each other and turn to face their respective partner, but keep the hand hold and watch elbows. While still connected, the leads then spin the follows into a sweet heart move (hand on the shoulder of the follow), then spin them out on the next eight count, throwing the follow's hand up in an arc, letting go of the other lead. The leads then move onto the next follow and cross body lead.

  • y quedate - After the throwing the follows hand up into the air, the upstream lead moves to the downstream follow (like para arriba) and a little mini two man rueda is created. All the subsequent called moves are done in the two man rueda until the call "Dame Rueda??" is made. For the leads to avoid crashing into each, they should be diagonal to each other in their two man rueda.



Also called "Toma Electrica"