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Pronunciation Oe_no
Translation One
Level Beginner
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes The video show "Uno y Caminamos.
Similar Moves Uno y Caminamos, El Doce


1-3 Leader switches hands (his right hands takes right hand of the follower) and goes behind the follower while leading her - back towards to the leader - to the right side; leader's left hand also takes follower's left hand. While keeping hands as described above : 5-7 Leader and follower switch place 1-3 Leader and follower switch place 5-7 Leader and follower switch place 1-3 Leader brings his and followers' right hand up and in front of follower towards the left side, while again swithing place 5-7 Leader turns inside 360°, left hands free 1-7 Di-Le-Que_no


in the "Uno y Caminamos" variation, the 360° turn is replaced by a 270° turn, the left hand is not freed; right hand of the leader on his right shoulder, left hand of the leader at his hips. Both walk clockwise in the rueda-circle until the caller finished the move by calling another one ...