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A To Do list:

  • Usukuma - Sombero and at the end the lead grabs the left hand of the other lead. Back breaks while asking for the leads right hand under the arm of the follow and spins the follow out. Cross body with hook turn.
  • Usukuma Complicado - sombero, blind ask spin to the left, blind ask with left spin to the right finish like Usukuma.
  • Usukuma Mini - lead hook turn on 5,6,7 duck under on 1,2,3. Draw follows right hand down, follow does hook turn and ducks under.
  • Un Tarrito
  • Un foto
  • a tras
  • Matala la Cucaracha is stamping of the heel, cucaracha plants the foot.
  • Add new moves:

Dile Que Si - [Watch, but done in a rueda circle] Just like an normal cross-body lead (Dile que no), but in this case keep the follow and don't open up to the circle. The lead should be facing clockwise and any arriba or abajo are done from that position, for example, a sacala means the follows swing outward instead of inward. This call is usually only done while in the closed position during Al medio.