Enchufla Complicado

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Enchufla Complicado
Pronunciation En-shu-fla Com-ple-kado
Translation Plug-in complicated
Level Intermediate
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes Similar except the lead hands the follows hand off to next lead.
Similar Moves Enchufla, Enchufla con Dracula, Enchufla con Clave, Enchufla con Mambo, Enchufla Doble, Enchufla el Medio, Enchufla Avion, Enchufla con pa


Enchufla, and as the follow steps in front, the lead grabs the follows left with their right, then steps under, asks for the hand behind the leads back and the enchuflas again. Then grab the right hand of the follow and present it to the next lead on the right while looking for the hand of the follow on the left. Enchufla the next follower and then cross body back to neutral.


Regional Variants[edit]