Enchufla con pa

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Enchufla con Pa
Pronunciation Enchufla Con Pah
Translation Enchufla with "Pah"
Level Intermediate
Link to Video [ Watch]
Video Notes
Similar Moves Enchufla, Enchufla con Dracula, Enchufla con Clave, Enchufla con Mambo, Enchufla Doble, Enchufla el Medio, Enchufla Avion


Starts with an enchufla, switch hands and step ahead (upstream) of follow. Lead then steps into circle and on one says "Pah". Lead the follow behind into the center of the circle as lead goes into hammer lock and follows, like a sacala, say the "pah" sound on 5. Lead is doing a cross step at this pint. The lead then backs out to the left and brings the follow in front and to the left while spinning the follow into a counter clockwise turn. At this point, lead is on the right facing in and follow is on left facing out with left arm under right. Lead then grabs the right hand of the follow on the right and steps forward and backward as follow steps backward and forward for an eight count. Then on the next eight count, lead turns the follow on the right, while still holding both lead's hands. Turn the follow on the left clockwise and hair combs the follow's hand over the lead's head, closely followed by the hand of follow on right, with whom is done a cross body.