Enchufla el Medio

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Enchufla el Medio
Pronunciation Meh-dee-oh
Translation Plug-in half
Level Intermediate
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Enchufla, lead steps into the circle, then back out on the follows right. The follow and lead then alternatively step into and back out of the circle. The following moves are then called:

  • Derecha - (Right) As the leads step into the circle, they step to the right and back out between the next set of followers.
  • Izquierda - (left) Same as derecha, but to the left.
  • Trenta Tres - (Thirty Three) Similar to derecha, on 1-2-3 leads put their hands up and push off each other going to the right. On 5-6-7, the follows then step into the circle and go to the left. Repeat three times.
  • Sopa - (Soup) after everyone joins hands, each lead back rocks the follow on their left and on 5,6,7 brings the same follow's hand over their head in a hair comb like fashion. And then back out