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Pronunciation Ocho
Translation Eight
Level Beginner
Link to Video Watch
Video Notes (LOL, the poster is another follow)
Similar Moves Other numbers - Cerro, Seis, Siete, Nueve, Enchufla el Medio


Enchufla, then the lead walks in front of the follow, then behind and around the follow on the right. The lead then heads back to the original partner, going around back and then Dile que no back to the left. The follows mean while step forward when the lead is behind, and back when the lead is coming around front.

Advanced Styling[edit]

Lead Styling[edit]

On the first 7 count lead steps with right but makes a slight turn to left to face out of the circle then on the 5 count on right makes a slight turn to the right.

Follow Styling[edit]

The follows can cheer or raise their arms as they step toward each other in the circle.