Senegal to Santiago de Cuba

October Playlist Highlights

Song (iTunes)




Babalu Aye  Brisas del Palmar Traditional Cuba
Siboney Brisas del Palmar Traditional Cuba
La Cita Brisas del Palmar Traditional Cuba
Xam Sa Bop Africando Salsa Senegal
Bouré Yayé Diama  Africando Salsa Fusion Sengal
Xalass Xalass


Cha Cha Cha


Qué Grande Es el Amor

Ramón Cordero, Edilio Paredes


Dominican Rep.

No Puedo Seguir Así 





Wilfrido Vargas


Dominican Rep.

Continua Assim 

Don Kikas




Africando – Viva Africando

Get out your dancing shoes, Africando has just released a brand new album and it’s awesome!  Up until September of this year the band from Senegal known as Africando had released 7 full length albums with the most recent being Ketukuba, released in 2006.   The 7 year drought without new Africando material came to an end a couple of weeks ago with the release of the band’s 8th album Viva Africando.  It’s got all new material including some amazing salsas,  cha-cha-chas and afro-salsa fusions along with guest performances by the likes of Santana and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.  And talk about being a truly international recording.  All told,  songs on the album are sung in 10 different languages.  There are plenty of tracks on this disk to put you in the dancing mood and to give you a sample of what I am talking about I have included some of my favourites in this weeks play list.

Brisas del Palmar -Santiago en Suños

An amazing Cuban band called Brisas del Palmar has visited Edmonton on a number of occasions this past summer.  They opened for Havana d’Primera at Encore, performed at Heritage Days and the Edmonton Latin Festival, and had several other concerts around town.  If you had the opportunity to see them live you will appreciate just how amazing this band is.   Originally from Santiago de Cuba, Brisas Del Palmar was formed back in 1999 and is well known in Cuba as one of the leading interpreters of traditional music such as boleros, sons and guarchas.  The band’s talents have definitely not gone unnoticed.  Only 2 years after their inception they won second place at the Festival of Singers of the Americas held in Guantanamo and 2005 these extraordinary musicians were chosen top quintet in Cuba. They are featured daily on Cuban national radio and recently performed for the Pope.  And this success at home has allowed them to travel the world.  This summer was the 8th time Brisas has been to Canada with their first visit being back in 2004.

The band has released 4 albums to date and in their most recent Canadian tour they brought with them their latest material.  This new music was released on an album entitled Enamorado de ti recorded in April at the EGAM studios in Santiago de Cuba.  It’s a great disk featuring original material from the band including the title track Enamorade de ti and Quiéreme along with covers of some salsa classics such as La Rebelion and Oiga, Mire, Vea.  Unfortunately, the album is only available at their live performances.  So if you didn’t pick up a copy while Brisas was in town you still have a chance to get your hands on this album if you happen to be visiting Vancouver in the next few weeks.  The band will be performing there until the end of October when they will be returning to Cuba.  There is one Brisas album that is available for purchase online called Santiago en Sueños. This album was recorded in Vancouver in 2012 and contains a great collection of traditional Cuban music.  You can find a few tracks from that album in this month’s playlist.

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Can you Bugalú?

November Playlist Highlights





Band/Artist Origin

Aïcha Aïcha - Baloba! Africando Salsa New York / Senegal
La Borrachera La Borrachera - Beginner's Guide To Timba Pupi y Los Que Son Son Salsa Cuba
Fiesta Fiesta (feat. Chicharo, Padrino) - 50 Latin Dance Hits (Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and More for a Dancing Summer) DJ Berna Jam Salsa Cuba
Sigo Enamorado Sigo Enamorado - Todo Tiene Su Momento Carlos D’Castro Salsa Puerto Rico
Oiga, Mire, Vea Oiga, Mire, Vea - Su Historia Musical Orquesta Guayacan Salsa Colombia
Meniando la Cola Meniando la Cola - Necesito Mas Sexappeal Salsa Dominican Republic
Shorty Shorty Shorty Shorty - Haciendo Historia (Bonus Version) Xtreme Bachata USA
Me Duele La Cabeza Hector Acosta Bachata Dominican Republic
Como Baila Como Baila - Lo Esencial: Grupo Mania Grupo Mania Merengue Puerto Rico
El Disk Jockey Dijo Wilfredo Vargas Merengue Dominican Republic
Que Rico Boogaloo Que Rico Boogaloo - La-33 LA 33 Boogaloo Colombia
La Colegiala La Colegiala - Latino! Greatest Hits - 56 Latin Top Hits (Original Versions!) Rodolfo y Su Tipica Cumbia Colombia
Bien plus fort que mes mots Bien plus fort que mes mots - Bien plus fort que mes mots Kaysha Kizomba Zaire


Who Is?

  • Many genres of modern Latin music have roots in or are heavily influenced by African rhythms.  This is especially true for Cuban music on account of the large African population.  Close to one million Africans were brought the island as slaves and they brought their traditional music with them.  Considering this, it’s no surprise that Latin music has become very popular in many parts of Africa and it makes perfect sense that African and Latin musicians would team up to produce some fantastic Afro-Latin music. In the early 90’s this happened and the result was Africando (‘Africa United’ in Senegalese).  The brainchild of Ibrahim Sylla, Africando brought together African vocalists and New York based salsa musicians.  The membership of the band has changed over the years but their music has continued to be innovative and very danceable.  They have a long list of danceable tracks including Aicha, Betece, and Mopao.


What Is?

  • Born in the early 60’s, Latin Boogaloo (Bugalú) was the fusion of Cuban rhythms such as son and mambo with American R&B and soul.  In many ways in was a “pop” genre with its playful lyrics, handclaps, and teen audiences.  It was also very successful in crossing over into the non-Latin crowd as many of the songs were sung in English.  The genre became popular enough that most Latin artists of the time had made a contribution.  However, like most pop genres, its’ popularity was short lived and by the end of the 60’s it had all but died out.  That being said, you may have heard a Boogaloo cover recently without even knowing it.  Tito Nieves’ “I Like it Like That” and Las Sonoras Carruseles’ “Micaela” were originally Boogaloos (both by Pete Rodriguez).  The genre also lives on in Colombia, which is where one of the songs for Novembers’ playlist comes from.  How do you dance a Boogaloo?  In Cali, you might do it like this.  In Saskatoon, like this.  Depending on the speed of the song, Cha Cha steps also work quite well.


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