Journeys of Salsa-Addicts

Have you ever wondered, whether you have just started salsa or been around awhile, how some salsa dancers have become so good at this Latin dance?  You know, the kind of dancers it is hard not to watch on the dance floor?   Questions like, where is that dancer from, how did they learn to do this? I wonder what they do outside the salsa world?  What got them into dancing salsa and how did they develop such skill at this joyous dance?  Did they ever feel discouraged learning salsa?  How did they handle that …  get beyond that?  And what might they suggest to me if I asked for ideas?  And so on….

Well, Usukuma and all of us at Salsaddiction have had the same questions & want some answers!   We decided to talk to a variety of salsa addicts and learn more about them including their secrets to success on the dance floor!

We’ll start by featuring Kristiann, Roman and Edson …

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