Just Kizomba? You’re Likely Dancing to More Genres than You Realized

 Playlist for May 2015

Song (iTunes)




 I Like It Abege Zouk French Antilles
Ghetto Face a Face Face a Face Zouk French Antilles
Amor Perfeito Don Kikas Semba Angola
Sinti Sabe Nelson Freitas Semba Netherlands
Venha O Que Vier Matias Damásio Kizomba Angola
Amor Meu Armanda Cunha Kizomba Angola
Eu Faço a Mboa Vibrar Badoxa Tarraxa Portugal
 Me Kuia Bué G Amado  Tarraxa Portugal
Bonnie & Clyde Mika Mendes  Ghetto Zouk France
Dança Kizomba Elji Beatzkilla Ghetto Zouk Cape Verde


Zouk, Semba, Kizmba, Tarraxa, and Ghetto Zouk – Oh My!

If you have the good fortune to attend a kizomba party or any event where there is an opportunity to dance kizomba, chances are you’ll be dancing to more than just kizomba music.  Much of what you’ll hear, especially in the New World Kizomba scene (aka North America), is not kizomba at all.   In a recent episode of Agua Latina (on CJSR 88.5 FM), DJ Clare Bear and myself discuss 5 common genres that you’ll hear on a kizomba dance floor.  Check it out on SoundCloud.  You’ll find the music from that episode in this months’ playlist.

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