Roman Gonera’s Dance Journey

Ubiquitous dancer of salsa

For dancers new to the Salsa scene in Edmonton, it’s Salsaddiction’s pleasure to introduce a warm, dynamic salsero by the name of Roman Gonera. This guy is known as a treat to both watch and dance with at Salsa nights Thursdays at the “On the Rocks” nightclub. Roman is well known by the ladies for his strong, clear lead and pleasantly surprising moves. He possesses a European style of charm that delights us, and the humour he injects into dancing amuses the guys as well.

Not everyone knows that Roman is originally from Poland and only arrived here at the age of 16. He explained to me how grateful he is to his father who sacrificed a lot in his life by escaping to Greece from a communist regime that restricted opportunity and freedom. His father then went on to work very hard to bring his whole family over to Canada.

In his day-to-day work life Roman is a a Stock Broker specializing in Futures Trading. If you want to learn more about the exceptional value that can be found in owning mutual funds, equities and assets, he’s your man! Few people are aware that Roman also keeps in great shape by balancing this high stakes financial work with occasional stints as an Oil Rig driller. I’m sure the dance around the dangerous pipes, chains and huge wrenches on the rig floor must have helped his rhythm.

Roman began salsa in 2002 when his friend Patricia Wallace brought him to a salsa class. He quickly became hooked on this dance and, like many beginners, took lessons for a year to acquire the basic skills and tried to relax with the moves. He describes how he said to himself one day, “I’m going to go all out and get good at this Salsa thing!  Nothing less will work for me!!” Eight years later this focus of attitude clearly has paid off. It’s so evident when you see his joy and creativity on the dance floor.

For new dancers wanting to increase their comfort and skill at Salsa, Roman advises them to “keep at it, take lots of lessons and don’t give up because eventually you’ll relax and find your own style”.

When you dance with Roman, you will find he’s consistently kind and supportive – steadily encouraging you while making sure you have a lot of fun as well. So, if you see Roman at On The Rocks or any of the Salsaddiction social dance nights, enjoy watching him dance for awhile then introduce yourself. It’s a good way to catch a dance with him too.

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