Wowza, A New Website – Part III

Hi, I’m Sean and this is part three in a series on the new website and talks about Woocommerce, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress.  For most of the life of the SA website, Magento, another shopping cart solution was used, however, it was overkill for the small number of products that are sold here on Salsaddiction.

For our user, the shopping cart provides a lot of useful features:


  • First, you can find a complete list of all the classes being offered in one place.
  • It offers a simple but obvious interface, for example, if, while on the registration page, you click on “Add to cart”, it will quietly add the product and let you continue shopping.  A little bit of custom javascript was added to make sure you know when something is in your shopping cart:
  • It also includes reviews and if you look closely at the bottom of the page, a breakcrumb was added in case you want go back to see subcategories of classes, like just Cuban, for example.


Woocommerce is one of three top WordPress shopping cart solutions and after a lot of research, was chosen over the others.  Probably the formost reason is because it is under active development and closely mirrors Magento, the environment the previous cart was built on.

It has also proved easy to customize as the Registration page has been built from the bottom up to give you a clear list of all the classes going on at any one time.



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