Hidden Gem: Rueda de Casino Wiki

One of the hidden gems here at the Salsaddiction website is a wiki dedicated to documenting all the Rueda de Casino moves taught in our Salsaddiction classes.  You can find the wiki two ways, by following this URL – http://salsaddiction.com/rueda or at http://ruedawiki.org

The Wiki has over a hundred moves separated into basics, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Each move has a description, and a Spanish to English translation of the pattern’s name.

Because dance is a three dimensional activity, the best way to learn it is by first having an instructor show you how to go through the pattern.  Then to keep the moves refreshed, watch a video.  The video can also show you things that you may have missed in class. To that end, as much as possible, each move in the wiki also includes videos of the moves.  Where there are regional variants, the wiki even attempts to document those differences.

For example, below is a screenshot of  the page for the Setenta pattern showing the prep, two instructional videos, advanced styling videos and even a regional variation video:

Because there is such a large jump in the learning curve between beginner and intermediate in Rueda, another unofficial benefit that Salsaddiction provides is a mailing list for Level II Rueda dancers.  After every class, an email is sent out listing all the moves taught in class and links to the Wiki.

Catch me in class and I will add you to our Level II mailing list or click to email me here.

The Rueda wiki is a unique resource unlike any other site and best of all, you are welcome to add your fixes!  It is a Wiki after all!  (You will need to create a free account and answer some tough questions like “Are you a bot?”)


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